MS-Prop Jacks

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MS Prop Jacks Manufacturers Specification

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MS Prop Jacks Manufacturers Specification


Size Weight
1*1 Meter 10 KG
2*2 Meter 17 KG
2*3 Meter 20 KG
1.5 *1.5 Meter 13 KG


  • 60MM OD MS-Pipe
  • 2.9MM Thickness


  • 48.3MM OD MS-pipe
  • 2.9MM Thickness
  • L&T Model Prop nut
  • Threading on Outer
  • Fully Blue Painted

Prop jack is used for taking a load of concrete of slab. These are height adjustable telescopic equipment.

ABB MS Prop Jacks Manufacturers provide you with the best prop jacks in Hyderabad. Also known as centering jacks or shoring props, these are used to take the vertical weight. The height of our jacks can be adjusted according to the requirement and are highly durable for multiple usages. The prop jacks are available in two different pre-made sizes 2*2 meters and 2*3 meters. We also provide customized sizes to suit your need.