Acrow Spans

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Acrow Spans Manufacturers

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Acrow Spans Manufacturers Specification

Size Weight
2.4*2.4 Meter 38 KG
  • Customized Sizes Can be made
  • MS-Sheet-2.5 MM
  • MS-Red-10MM Dia
  • 35*25*3 MM MS-Angle
  • Eye Bolt
  • Fully Painted

Acrow spans are used as horizontal support beams for shuttering plates. These are telescopic i.e length adjustable.

Acrow Spans Manufacturers Features:

  • Acrow spans can be used for construction structures like roofs, drains,
  • pillars, walls, etc.
  • Manufactured in such a way that it is highly durable.
  • High quality finish.
  • Capable of high load.
  • Rust and moisture resistant, ensuring longevity.
  • Made in different weights and sizes.
  • It can be used for building or repairing purposes of buildings, bridges, railway, etc.

Acrow Spans Manufacturers Product Details

ABB Acrow Spans Manufacturers Product Made of stainless steel or mild steel, Acrow spans come in various shapes and sizes depending on your requirement. Acrow Spans Manufacturers provide Acrow Spans that are made with high-quality raw materials and superior technology. For the exceptional capacity to bear a load, our low weight Acrow spans are the best in the market because we have designed our spans in such a way that it can eliminate all intermediate support for the shuttering plate and thus, cut down on maintenance cost. The technologically enhanced Acrow spans are also easy to mount.

They are most ideally to be used for support in shuttering systems as runners and adjustable spans to be used under shuttering plates or beams. Our wide range of acrow spans are absolutely compatible to be used with timber needles to be screwed throughout to support the weight equally throughout the entire span. Our Acrow spans, which come in various dimensions are the best available in supporting floors and ceilings at the time of laying the structure and are well-acknowledged for their easy utility, hassle-free handling, easy mounting, and transportation. We also offer adjustable telescopic spans and frames according to the need of the customer.

Our plate vibrators go through several rounds of quality check before shipment to provide the customer with total satisfaction and safe usage. The Acrow spans are available both in standard dimensions as well as customized needs. Our spans have proved to be highly promising with mechanical strength and efficiency as well as free from defects and smooth in texture

Used for shuttering work for slabs, Acrow spans are multi-functional and can be used in all types of small or large scale constructions. In its early days, Acrow spans were used in cement before hardening. However, due to its enhanced utility, it is now used for various functions.